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Happy & Healthy Guts and how to achieve it

Happy & Healthy Guts and how to achieve it

We all want to live our best lives; fit, healthy and full of energy to take the world on. In order to be the best versions of ourselves we need to have our bodies, brains and minds in good shape. It is becoming clearer in this fast paced world we live in that good health starts in the gut.

The gut is where roughly 70% of our immune system lives! So, by not looking after our gut and what we’re putting into our bodies there is a high likelihood that our immune system wont be functioning at the best of it’s abilities! This means things like colds, flus and generally longer recovery times to get over these ailments.

Our brain & gut are in constant communication - the gut is our bodies second brain, made up of the same cells and neurons found in the brain. There is evidence that our gut bacteria and their products can affect how our brain functions and can have great affects on our mood. Our gut is where serotonin is produced, which is the bodies “feel good” hormone. So by not looking after our gut, our mood will also be affected which could be the cause of mood fluctuations throughout the day.

The gut is the front line of our immune system and produces more than two dozen hormones that influence everything from our appetite to our mood. Looking at our digestive health and the impacts of the gut on the immune system, we have to focus on the digestive star of the show, the microbiome.

A diet rich in a diverse range of  'real food' with plenty of nuts, fruits, vegetables, beans, olive oil, cheese, meat and oily fish will help to maintain a healthy microbiome and get those digestive juices going.

Our Top Tips for Great Gut Health:

  1. Eat a wide range of plant based foods such as, fruit, nuts, seeds, vegetables and legumes
  2. Ensure adequate water consumption each day - this will help by improving bowel function and reducing constipation which = Happy gut & digestion.
  3. Drink a herbal tea which contains active components that have beneficial impacts on the gut.
    • Peppermint - Helps reduce bloating & gas within the body
    • Chamomile - popular for those with IBS, Chamomile helps nourish the digestive & nervous systems and is excellent after dinner to help calm the bodies gut & digestive system.
    • Australian Sencha - high in antioxidants and helps promote the production of good bacteria in the gut
    • Liquorice root helps aide the lining of the digestive tract & reduce inflammation.