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When tea is shared, life’s problems fall away.

That’s because it is more than just a simple drink, it is a ritual, that according to

tradition encompasses the four values of reverence, respect, purity and peace.

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All of our packaging is environmentally friendly & biodegradable - we also compost all the tea we use in-store back into our gardens to keep them happy.

Bring your amber jar in to our HQ and we'll refill it and give you a $2 discount - how good's that?!


Just our little way to cut back on wastage & say thanks to you for being an awesome human


Our Leo Star Sign tea has been hand-blended under the new Leo moon, infusing the blend into the field of all possibilities and with the braveness and confidence found within the zodiac’s fifth sign.

Leo’s are known for embodying energy; a heart opening energy that is love, given and felt with generosity. This beautiful blend has been made with Leo’s in mind, those creative, strong, loving, stable and fiercely loyal people in your life.

Perfect for a lion hearted Leo or for those who are looking for a winter warming spice blend to lift the heart.

Leo - July 23- August 22


We believe tea is unique. No other drink connects you so directly to the earth and the deep serenity of nature.  Before you taste the tea, take time to let it steep and use that time to meditate or just place yourself in a relaxed state. The flavours will respond to time.

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