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When tea is shared, life’s problems fall away.

That’s because it is more than just a simple drink, it is a ritual, that according to

tradition encompasses the four values of reverence, respect, purity and peace.

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Kacey Grieves is our resident Naturopath and has been a qualified health advocate, naturopath and educator for over 16 years.

Kacey is passionate about helping people get a spring in their step and living a fulfilled life.

Kacey helps guide us on our tea blends and we love her work.

If you would like to learn more about Kacey, head to her website and show her some love.

We believe tea is unique. No other drink connects you so directly to the earth and the deep serenity of nature.  Before you taste the tea, take time to let it steep and use that time to meditate or just place yourself in a relaxed state. The flavours will respond to time.

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