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About us

Antipotea is a Organic Modern apothecary which was founded by Renata Taylor who is a tea and coffee merchant with over a decade of experience.

Her ethos for Antipotea, was born of wellness and balance. Striving to enhance the harmony within whilst maintaining her love for and connection to nature.

Driven by the growing presence of synthetic flavouring and additives in supposedly organic tea products.

"We are all already so overwhelmed with additives, preservatives and every day stresses. I just wanted to be able to bring something else to the table. Products with a sense of balance and harmony with nature, that will help to nourish the body and soul. Without all the unnecessary nasties."

This birthed a strong desire for ingredient lists that read more like a community garden than a laboratory. Her zero additives and organic botanicals approach has brought us to where we are now.

Antipotea, proudly West Australian made, 100% organic and handcrafted products, with sustainably sourced ingredients. Blended according to the moon phases to harness everything mother nature has to offer.