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Nectar Chai

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Looking to Chai new things? Look no further than our Organic Nectar Chai. This sticky chai is vegan-friendly and 100% organic. Hand-blended using freshly roasted spices, vanilla bean, rose and topped with organic coconut nectar.

This well-balanced wet Chai mix has all the usual flavours you’d expect to find in Chai, blended with high-quality Organic Ceylon tea and finally mixed with Australian Certified Organic Coconut nectar.

And guess what? It's a match made in milk heaven! Our Organic Nectar Chai gets along with all the alternative milk squads – it's the ultimate vegan-friendly Chai party.

Ready to brew? It's as easy as pie! Just add two tsp to a milk jug, throw in a dash of hot water, toss in your favourite milk or mylk, and give it a steamy hug. Let it steep for a cheeky 3 minutes, strain, and serve. And don't forget the grand finale – top it off with our lush coconut blossom chai for that extra pizzazz!

Feelin' fancy? You can enjoy it any way you like – as a traditional Chai, a creamy Chai Latte, or even as an Iced Chai. The options are never-ending, just like Law & Order. 

250g bag is approx 25 serves. 

    Camellia sinensis, Coconut nectar, Cinnamon, Ginger, Black pepper, Cloves, Star-Anise, Rose petal, Cardamom, Vanilla bean, Nutmeg.
    All ingredients are certified organic.

    • Brew instructions: Add two tsp to a milk jug, add a small amount of hot water, add milk or mylk, and steam. Let it steep for 3 mins. Strain and serve. Top with our lush coconut blossom chai.
    • Brew time: 3 minutes
    • Amount; 2 tsp per 220ml
    • Brew options: Can be enjoyed in a teapot black, as a Chai Latte or Iced
    Preservative-free | 100% organic | Western Australian Made