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Libra Zodiac Tea

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September 23 – October 23

Always wanted to be an Instagram model? Oh My God, us too, but we're not sure, still can't decide. But as far as enhancing the beauty and balance in your life, we're making that decision as easy as possible.

Our Libra blend is formulated to bring things back into balance in your life and reduce stresses. Do you avoid conflict, always end up mediating group disagreements, or perhaps be really indecisive?

This blend contains a range of herbs that are rich in vitamins and minerals to keep you balanced. This tea supports women’s wellness.

Hand blended with all organic rose petals, organic peppermint, raspberry leaf, cacao nibs, and hibiscus.

This tea was formally called Bodyluv. 


  • Brew time; 5 minutes
  • Amount; 1 tsp per 220ml
  • Brew options; Without milk and great iced. 

This smooth and warm caffeine-free, all organic tea has earthy notes, with berry tones and the warmth of a hug packed into it, finishing with a subtle tartness. When brewed it has a green colour to it. 

100g Amber Glass Jar Approx 50 serves per jar

    • Preservative-free
    • 100% organic
    • Western Australian Made
    • Eco-friendly recyclable and reusable glass jar