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Cancer Zodiac Tea

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June 22 – July 22

Still not putting yourself first? That's definitely some big Cancer energy. Go on, let's start by filling your cup first.

Our Cancer tea blend is a comforting treat, as we know Cancers create the safest spaces, brew this up to maximize your self-care and comfort.

Blended with elderberry, elderflower, and rrooibos, perfect for a sweet hit to look after our favourite nurturing zodiac.

This caffeine-free, all-organic herbal tea tastes of berries and blackcurrants, with a soft pear and honey flavour. It smells fruity and floral in the jar and has a rusty red colour when brewed.

160g bag or 45g sample.

Elderberry, elderflower, and rooibos

  • Brew time;  4-8 minutes depending on desired strength.
  • Amount: 1 tsp (4gm) per 220ml
  • Brew options; Without milk and great iced.
  • Cold brewing this tea gives you an amazingly rich flavour and is awesome with a splash of soda water or just a squeeze of lemon and lots of ice. 
Preservative-free | 100% organic | Western Australian Made