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How to full moon crystal cleanse

How to full moon crystal cleanse

Tomorrow marks another full moon so we wanted to take some time to share with you our full moon crystal cleansing routine, it’s something we’ve been doing for years to help clear the energy within our crystals with the restorative energy of the full moon.

Crystals have the ability to hold and absorb energy, both helpful and not-so-helpful. This is why we find it super important to cleanse them and what better time then under the beautiful full moon. When cleansing our crystals we also set new intentions and its become a wonderful routine to help wash away any negativity found within ourselves & our crystals. It’s also a nice time to slow down a bit - we’re constantly running around so each time a full moon comes around this cleansing ritual is the perfect excuse to slow down & reconnect.

Clean your Crystals

Give your crystals a quick wipe over with a clean, damp cloth. Sometimes if we have time on our hands (which isn’t that often!) we’ll go and rinse them in the ocean, there’s something about the ocean that calms us and there’s nothing better than sea water (or a stream if that’s closer to you) to clean the dirt & dust off.

Collect your Crystals

Collect your crystals and take them outside, ideally just after sunset but anytime once the sun has set is great. Place your crystals on the ground or natural surface – they like to be grounded just like we as humans do. When placing them down name something you are going to release into the universe. You can pick different things for each crystal, or name the same thing each time. This will help your body release these things with the full moon.

If you are unable to place them on the ground in a window so they have moonlight on them is the most important part of this step. If placing them outside ensure they will be under moonlight – that’s where the magic happens!

Let the full moon work it’s magic!

Ideally we like to leave our crystals out overnight & collect them in the morning – if you like you can also leave them in the sunlight for a short period of time to help absorb the energy from the sunlight – but be careful what crystals you leave out in the sunlight as some a very sensitive to the sun & you wouldn’t want to damage them!

If you can’t leave them out all night, simply aim for the longest period of time you can allow – this will help maximise the cleansing your crystals will get.

Another thing to note is rain – some crystals don’t like water (selenite & malachite to name a couple) so keep an eye on the weather and if rain is on the cards, think about cleansing your crystals inside on a window seal for this full moon (there’s always the next one, that’s the great thing about the moon – it’s reliable!)

Charge your crystals

Charge your crystals with new intentions, this helps them (and you) stay focused. The full moon is a wonderful time to set new intentions. Ask yourself what you would like your crystals to support you in, focus on a goal you are working towards.

Once you have set your intentions with each crystal (or the same intention for all of them, whatever works best for you and your life) try not to let others touch your crystals as they easily absorb the energy of others & you wouldn’t want all your hard work to go to waste.

Some examples:

  • The last full moon i charge my rose quartz crystal with love to help guide and support my relationship

  • The last full moon i charged my selenite wand with focus to keep me motivated to achieve goals

Give Thanks

Finally, give thanks to your crystals – it’s important to express gratitude to them and the universe. We also like to express gratitude to all the things we are blessed to have in our lives. We love this final step, it brings it all together and puts in focus what’s really important in life.


Happy Full Moon Cleansing