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Virgo Zodiac Candle

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August 23 – September 22

Scent: Pure Vanilla

Crystal: Sodalite

If judging people burnt calories, Virgo's would all look like Kendall Jenner!

We know you're your own harshest critic, in your search for perfection. But isn't it just so much easier to solve everyone else's problems than your own?

Always rolling out the red carpet for greeting those closest, we always feel so special being greeted by our favourite Virgos. We've got the perfect addition to add to your home or workspace, to help bring an emotional balance and calmness into your life.

We think it smells like, warm, buttery vanilla bean. This is made especially for the purist Virgos. This candle is 1000% vanilla in fragrance, none of this silly adding cashmere or Jasmine (our office Virgo shouted ewww why!!!! yes dear Virgo we hear you!). Think rich bourbon vanilla, less cupcake frosting.

Size: 165g - 65mm x 80mm H

Crystals may vary in size, shape, and colour. Can be tumbled or rough.

  • Crystals are ethically sourced
  • Burn time of approx 36 hours
  • 100% Vegan 
  • Amber Glass