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Scorpio Zodiac Tea

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October 24 – November 21

Ever dated a con artist or a cult leader? No? Well, it's much the same as dating a Scorpio. They will find out all your secrets, so you may as well just spill the tea now!

Our Scorpio blend brings out your inner drive and determination, to help you whether working or playing hard.

Blended with chrysanthemum, black goji, chamomile, blue cornflower petals this will kindle that inner Scorpio passion and drive.

This enchanting caffeine-free, all organic tea has a floral notes with a mead-like sweetness to it. It's incredibly unique in the way it changes colour as it brews, with hues of blue to purple to grey. 

70g bag or 15g sample.

      Chrysanthemum, black goji, chamomile, blue cornflower petals.

      • Brew time: 10 minutes
      • Amount: 1 tsp per 220ml
      • Brew options: With or without milk and great iced. 
      Preservative-free | 100% organic | Western Australian Made