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Organic Chamomile

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Our Organic Chamomile tea is grown in Egypt and is made from the Chamomile Flower. This aromatic tea is great for promoting sleep.

This chamomile tea is perfect to have in the evening when your busy mind needs a helping hand in calming down, or when your body needs to be soothed from the inside out.

60g Amber Glass Jar 

    Organic Egyptian chamomile

    • Brew time: 3 minutes
    • Amount: 1 tsp per 220ml
    • Brew options: Without milk and great iced. 

    This tea makes a great hair rinse. Using hot water make a strong tea. (3 tablespoons to 500mls) refrigerate for 3 hours min. After washing your hair pour the tea over your hair. The cold water mixed with the rich chamomile give your hair a shine and refreshed feel.

    Preservative-free | 100% organic | Western Australian Made