Mother's Day Tea Blending Workshop

Mother's Day Tea Blending Workshop


Pamper your Mum this Mother’s Day with a beautiful tea blending workshop at our Modern Apothecary. We will take you and your Mum through the principles of tea blending, the benefits found within certain teas and what pairs well with what.

We will supply you with a huge range of herbs, seeds and roots to touch, smell and play around with. You will then get to hand blend your own tea, changing different ingredients until you’re happy with the final result. Your signature blend will then be packaged in a beautiful amber jar, ready to take centre stage on your kitchen bench.

Enjoy a relaxing and calming blending workshop with endless cups of tea and a delicious slice of cake to enjoy it with. The perfect way to pamper your Mum!

You will each walk away with:

  • Your signature tea blend in a beautiful amber jar

  • A greater understanding of tea and hand blending your own tea

Finer Details:

When: Saturday 11th May

Time: 3pm

Duration: 1.5-2hrs

Location: Anitpotea Modern Apothecary – 88 George Street, East Fremantle.

Please note the price is for two people

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