Monthly Tea Subscription

Monthly Tea Subscription

from 15.00 every month

Love getting amazing tea’s delivered to your door each month? Then our monthly Tea Subscription will keep your tea pot full with some of the worlds best tea varieties.

Where tea flows, life’s problems fade away…

How it works:

  1. Sign up the Antipotea Monthly Tea Subscription

  2. Select the tea variety you wish you receive each month, or if you want to try it all, select “Surprise me”

  3. Select if you would like to receive your tea in an amber jar or biodegradable bag

  4. Each Month we will debit your card.

  5. Each month you will receive a beautiful tea delivered to your door!

  6. Cancel anytime.

Payment & delivery
You will be debited monthly and you can cancel anytime.  You will be notified once your order has been sent.

Tea Variety: